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Bde Administrator Windows 7 64 Bit


All current versions of the top selling SQL database software support ANSI 92 SQL. However, if the target machine already has BDE on it (and so has a preexisting Idapi32.cfg file), InstallShield Express then calls the BDE Merge function to merge the Idapi32.cnf file with Perhaps if upgrade the BDE? Check the return values of each and every BDE function call and provide some means for handling the result of any return value other than DBIERR_NONE. (See next question also). Source

Properties unknown. $2E52 (11858) = DELETE rows cannot contain quantifier expression. $2E53 (11859) = Invalid expression in INSERT row. $2E54 (11860) = Invalid expression in INSERT row. $2E55 (11861) = Invalid The BDE creates many temporary files and requires a private folder to ensure that it has a place to write these files without causing conflicts with other users. Property Value Comments Server Name This is the fully qualified *.fdb or *.gdb file User Name SYSDBA For employee.gdb, the default password is masterkey Warning: If the focus is in When there is more than one Paradox database, then they all share the single PDOXUSRS.NET file.

Bde Administrator Windows 7 64 Bit

If you get a message "access is denied", have all database users restart their pc's then try deleting the file above again, if it is still present. The BDE has a default BDE configuration file it accesses when it is first loaded. In the case of record locks, the record number is also tracked. The locking of all of the details ensures that the changes to the linking value can be cascaded across those records.

This may not cure your problem since the BDE has other issues in Web apps but it is the first thing to try. -- Bill Todd (TeamB) {smallsort} 1. The location is either a database server, an ODBC connection or a folder. BDE Problem On Win2k OS4. Pdoxusrs.lck Location You should be able to use Pathloss normally.

The Anonomous user has been granted Administrative priveleges (in order to rule out security rights). Cannot empty it. $2611 (9745) = Self referencing referential integrity must be entered one at a time with no other changes to the table $2612 (9746) = Detail table is open. Parameters with bold letters can not be changed. you could try here Unlike table locks, record locks are object specific.

Therefore, I suggest using an ODBC connection if you need to read one. Network Initialization Failed Pdoxusrs.net Windows 7 That user locks a record. The BDE then adds and removes lock information as appropriate and then releases the FLOCK for the section header for the table. This is a quandary since getting the most out of a BDE application requires proper configuration.

Directory Is Controlled By Other .net File

This displays a confirmation dialog. http://www.pathloss.com/forums/showthread.php?t=457 Select remote installation. Bde Administrator Windows 7 64 Bit In the Configuration list, choose Configuration | Drivers | Native | Paradox. Pdoxusrs.lck Download G:\PDOXNET is a folder on server "A".

The information it tracks includes the version of the network file and the number of BDE connections (sessions) currently accessing data on the network. http://globalcryptonews.com/windows-7/windows-xp-cannot-access-windows-7-share.html tardin View Public Profile Find all posts by tardin Bookmarks Digg del.icio.us StumbleUpon Google « Previous Thread | Next Thread » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Display Modes Linear Mode Switch Details on this process can be found in your Windows manual. The folder has been created but the logical drive specified in the BDE Configuration file has not been mapped out by the network operating system. Bde Administrator Windows 10

From the menu, select Object / Apply (or use the associated toolbar button) to save the alias definition. (Of course, you can Delete it if you want.) For Paradox, DBase, FoxPro, Property Value Comments Database Name This is the fully qualified *.mdb file ODBC DSN This is the ODBC alias name The MS Access lock file is generally created in Bde and Hp printer driver2. have a peek here Record Locks A record lock is automatically placed on any record being modified by a user.

It also includes a list of users. Paradox Lck If there exists no BDE on the target system, then InstallShield Express simply saves the Idapi32.cnf file to the default BDE directory as Idapi32.cfg. If the application accesses dBase or Paradox tables common to more than one user, those tables must reside in a folder on the LAN.

If this happens: Type c:\ as the NET FILE value.

You need to upgrade to at least version 4 and depending upon table languages (ie not international - ) you should go all the way to 5.2.2 Leslie. Additional information If you are looking for additional information on the BDE, reference the manuals supplied with your Borland software. Using ODBC drivers with the BDE involves adding the ODBC driver to Windows through the Windows control panel. Borland Database Engine Windows 7 Building systems that last... © 2012 DataStream Development | 4 Liberty Street | Concord, NH 03301 | (603) 227-9290 Pathloss User Forums > Pathloss Forums > Pathloss Users Forum

Can't insert records $2E9B (11931) = Unique index required to perform changeto $2E9C (11932) = Unique index required to delete records $2E9D (11933) = Update of table on the server failed. Cannot empty it $2611 (9745) Self referencing referential integrity must be entered one at a time with no other changes to the table $2612 (9746) Detail table is open $2613 (9747) Figure 1 - Creating an alias in the BDE configuration utility All other components are modifiable within the alias tab of the BDE Configuration Utility. Check This Out Configuring the BDE is different for each of these connections.

This typically happens when you're using a laptop away from your main office environment or when you do not connect to the network before starting Pathloss. What is going on here: 1st, I don't beleive that Net Dir settings are to blame. It is not deleted. Windows Task Manager displays.On the Applications tab, select any program that may be interfering with PDS.Click End Task.Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any programs that may be using the BDE.If

If the database is accessed via p:/myTables on one machine, it must use the same path on all the machines. Network Operating System (NOS) - The LAN software that runs a file server. This is managed by having all Paradox lock requests written to a single "Lock file" (one per database/directory). It will mean nothing more than moving the files and changing the aliases.

The location of PDOXUSRS.NET is determined by the BDE configuration file. Location of a Private Folder One question that often occurs is where to place the private folder. If you're not sure you can use long file names on your system, it's safest to follow the old standard. All users accessing your application will have a common network control directory.

Remote tables - Tables that reside on a database server. It defaults to two megabytes or a value of 2048. BDE Error - Operation not applicable There are two possible causes:There are old *.lck files in the shared network directory. While that may be undesirable, the alternative means risking table corruption.

This solves many potential problems. It is normal for this file to be present even when no user is in the database. Due to queuing that occurs as users wait to access a table, it is possible with applications with high transaction rates, that if many users are accessing many different tables, they The web service simply tests the BDE connection by executing an sql to the paradox table and either returns the successful result or returns an exception.