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Unable To Access Certificate Store. The Keystore May Be Corrupt

Try runningrpm -V openfire and see if it reports anything daryl Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions Re: Server Certificates "corrupt" every time when restarting Openfire ahoyer2 May 13, 2008 2:23 Cannot create groups and add users from IM+   Is there a better mobile app for openfire ?   Really appreciate response. 0 0 12/20/14--16:52: Long start Openfire with monitoring plugin because open fire send this message to its ghost session while user cannot receive message. Only have a VM with Ubuntu 14.10. Source

reg.settings.disable=Disabled reg.settings.not_auto_create=Users can not automatically create new accounts. server FQDN or YOUR name) []:yourdomain.com Email Address []: Please enter the following 'extra' attributes to be sent with your certificate request A challenge password []: An optional company name []: Reading this link https://igniterealtime.org/issues/si/jira.issueviews:issue-html/TINDER-68/TINDER -68.html  I learnt that this new method has been introduced for avoiding the workaround new JID(new JID(value).toBareJID())....so my answer is: where can I find the jar with Room members are the only allowed users to join \ the room when it is configured as members-only.

Send the contents of this file to your ca -be sure to not send your key-file contents-, and they in return should send you a yourdomain.crt file, your certificate and a I would expect when querying domain.com that server returns the service conference.domain.com, so the client can discover rooms automatically. It informed me to use OpenSSL to convert the PFX file to PEM and then use the import-certificate.jsp page to import the certificate.

I've also tried using instead of I've tried several (as shown in hazelcast Docs) configurations but no success.   Each time i start the Cluster on Node1 i get admin.error.max-thread=Cannot set max thread count with invalid value. Not the answer you're looking for? Am I missing something configuration-wise here?

unfortunately I can not remove 1.6, it is in the dependencies of other software, also has a higher package priority   there must however be a way to force openfire to reg.settings.ips_all=Restrict ALL (including anonymous) logins by these IP's: reg.settings.ips_anonymous=Restrict anonymous logins by these IP's: # Server db Page server.db.title=Database Properties server.db.info=Below is a list of properties for your database and the The keystore may be corrupt what should i do for fixing the same issue ? Restart openfire Delete /opt/openfire/resources/security/keystore file Generate new cert from web interface.

Both users server "A" may see users "B" server and "B" server "A" server. muc.create.permission.confirm_remove=Are you sure you want to remove this user/group from the list? reg.settings.inband_account=Inband Account Registration reg.settings.inband_account_info=Inband account registration allows users to create accounts on the server \ automatically using most clients. muc.tasks.valid_frequency=Please enter a valid number for the frequency.

group.create.form=Use the form below to create your new group. groupchat.history.settings.messages=messages groupchat.history.settings.save=Save Settings # Group Chat Administrators Page groupchat.admins.title=Group Chat Administrators groupchat.admins.introduction=Below is the list of system administrators of the group chat service. The certificate which I need to import is already configured on a domain on IIS. Does anybody know which plant (or tree) is this?

error.exception=Exception: # Error serverdown Page error.serverdown.title=Server Down error.serverdown.admin_console=Admin Console error.serverdown.is_down=is currently down. http://globalcryptonews.com/unable-to/unable-to-build-a-valid-certificate-chain.html error.serverdown.login=Login to the admin console # General group settings. the sharing works so-so and the update speed is not that great.  Definitely LYNC still winning.   I am trying to get JITSI / OFMEET to work instead and use the offline.messages.always_store=Always Store offline.messages.always_store_info=Always store messages, even if the max storage size has been exceeded.

In my case I use this option to filter goups, and each time I add a new one I need to restart the whole server.   Another unexpected behaviour I've noticed: login.failed.connection=Login failed: make sure your the user and group system is up and running. Please check your principal and server settings."     Steps I've taken:   on KDC >> AD >> create new user "openfire.xmpp"   Enable the account options "Unable to change password", have a peek here that is not belong to my network 192.168.0.

index.server_name=Server Name: index.host_name=Host Name: index.server_port=Server Ports index.server_ip=IP:Port, Security: index.port_type=NORMAL index.port_type1=TLS (SSL) index.domain_name=Domain Name(s): index.environment=Environment index.jvm=Java Version: index.app=Appserver: index.os=OS / Hardware: index.local=Locale / Timezone: index.memory=Java Memory index.update.alert=Update information index.update.info=Server version {0} is After the max size has been exceeded, \ bounce the message back to the sender. muc.tasks.update=Idle user settings updated successfully.

It does not affect the ability to create new accounts through \ this web administration interface.

Also, I am not about to go telling everyone in the office to send messages to "[email protected]/*" because that's ridiculous. My current issue is whenever I used the 3.9.3 version all users and groups are no longer in the admin site but when I open and run the 3.7.1 version they muc.room.edit.form.topic=Topic muc.room.edit.form.valid_hint_subject=Please enter a valid subject. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will \ not work correctly without it enabled.

From here you can \ edit their configurations, and create new services, and delete services you don't need anymore. Today, January 08, 2015, I saw that there is a new update which is the openfire 3.9.3 and our current version is 3.7.1. muc.tasks.valid_batch=Please enter a valid number for the batch size. Check This Out Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions Re: Server Certificates "corrupt" every time when restarting Openfire peter Oct 26, 2009 6:36 AM (in response to crux_of_the_biscuit) I also have the same problem with

Interface matching must be either disabled or updated in the hazelcast.xml config file.     at com.hazelcast.impl.AddressPicker.pickAddress(AddressPicker.java:147)     at com.hazelcast.impl.AddressPicker.pickAddress(AddressPicker.java:51)     at com.hazelcast.impl.Node.(Node.java:144)     at com.hazelcast.impl.FactoryImpl.(FactoryImpl.java:386)     at com.hazelcast.impl.FactoryImpl.newHazelcastInstanceProxy(FactoryImpl.java:133)     at com.hazelcast.impl.FactoryImpl.newHazelcastInstanceProxy(FactoryImpl.java:125) Please select a group or verify the user JID is correct. muc.room.edit.form.valid_hint=Please enter a valid ID, e.g. "test_room". chatroom.history.settings.policy=Set Chatroom History Policy chatroom.history.settings.label_show_title=Don't Show History chatroom.history.settings.label_show_content=- Do not show the entire chat history.

group.edit.update_user=User(s) updated successfully. muc.create.permission.specific_created=Only specific users/groups can create a chat room. We do not use CA signed ones, only self signed.Now the question is, why is this happening? Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions Re: Server Certificates "corrupt" every time when restarting Openfire cbennefield Jan 27, 2010 7:11 AM (in response to Unix_Sam) I set up SSL using the process

No plugins will be loaded. # Standard server error messages (for server admin) admin.error=Internal server error admin.error.accept=Trouble accepting connection admin.error.bad-stream=Bad opening tag (not stream) admin.error.bad-namespace=Stream not in correct namespace admin.error.channel-notfound=Channel {0} But for automation (puppet) it's always nice to have a command line approach. Please check your error logs. offline.messages.size=Current size of all offline message: offline.messages.policy=Offline Message Policy offline.messages.never_back=Never store offline messages and bounce messages back to the sender.

Where does this old information get stored (client or server) and how do I delete it?! It says it's not a valid JID, which is obvious, but should Openfire escape the full JID before trying to grant membership? on the \ server. admin.console.listening=Admin console listening at admin.console.devmode=Using development mode admin.console=Administration Console admin.logged_in_as=Logged in as {0} # Server messages (to users) user.license=Try logging in later or contact your system administrator user.license.title=Too many users logged

The room must have at least one owner. From here you can view the rooms, edit their properties, and create new rooms. If not, the remainder of this article is not for you - yet. muc.service.summary.deleted=Service destroyed successfully.